Feature: Travel-O-Talk

Travel-O-Break is a platform for travelers around the globe to share their travel experiences with others. For their Travel-O-Talk series, they pick a traveler who inspires them with their travel experiences and stories. Here’s an episode of Travel-o-talk that I was featured on.

Feature: Travel Bloggers’ Best Advice

Happy to have been featured in this post alongside 12 other travelers from around the world. It includes some great travel advice and tips. Do give it a read!

Traveler Stories: Episode #10

The story of Addie – a traveler, bargain hunter, and family girl. Her goal is to travel as cheaply as possible without sacrificing her experiences while on the road.

Best Travel Advice From 16 Travelers

Does the thought of traveling scare you? Are you worried about its cost or scared of stepping into the unknown? Here’s the best travel advice and tips from 16 experienced travelers to help you overcome your fears. And to inspire and motivate the traveler in you.

Traveler Stories: Episode #9

The story of Mikayla, a 23-year-old from Sydney who’s been to 25+ countries. Having lived and taught children in Cambodia for a year, she shares honest travel experiences and tips on her blog, Mikayla Jane Travels.

Best Day Trips From Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a gorgeous city that easily makes it to the list of my favorite cities in the world. However, the Netherlands has many more beautiful places and experiences to offer. In this article, we’ll take a look at 3 of the best day trips from Amsterdam that you shouldn’t miss.

Top Latin American Destinations For Wanderlusters

You simply cannot undermine the natural beauty of South America. Due to its vast area and its numerous attractions, even a year can fall short if you want to explore it properly. So, I’ve curated a list of the top Latin American destinations that need to be on your travel bucket list. Read this article to learn more.

Traveler Stories: Episode #8

Kayla and Silas are travel bloggers and enthusiasts who love exploring new places. On their first date, they talked about travel for nearly 8 hours! Since then they have been to several countries, road trips around the U.S., and are preparing now for a 9-month adventure in Latin America. Here’s their story.

Best Travel Moments Of 2017 (Part II)

2017 has truly been an incredible year for me. For one, it marked the start of my blogging journey and a completely different career path. I’m also incredibly fortunate to have traveled 5 countries across 3 different continents this year. Here’s the final part of my best travel moments of 2017.

Why Your Health Should Never Stop You Traveling

The lovely Leanne Scott, a doctor and adventure traveler, tells you why your health should never stop you from traveling. She features the stories of 10 individuals, including myself, about what it is like to travel with a medical condition and what keeps us going.